our mission

=>SPECT has been recognised uniquely for its NOBLE services of aware and donating Organ to the needy and dead body to the MEDICOs for educative and research purpose

=>SPECT has choosen the field of women education and empowerment and also to curtile the number of school dropouts in girl students

=>To provide legal aid to the victimized women and build confidence to survive stubbornly in future.

=>Educate to prohibit early marriages

Paying more attention to educate economically weaker section irrespective of caste, creed and gender.

=>To educate and aware the noble cause of donating the Human Organ to the needy & human dead bodies to the medical colleges for anatomy and research purpose of medicos. By now the leaders of this noble cause and to be the pioneers on the concept for the coming generations. r




Savitribai phule wife of Jyothirao phule, recognized as the father of social reformation in india, was the first women teacher in India. She believed in women empowerment only through education. With bold and dire nature she penetrated into scheduled caste and communities to enlight and educate women and female child. She was born in the village of satara in Maharashtra on the 3 rd January in the year 1831.

Contemporarily she belonged to the age when observed to the women and scheduled caste was recognized as an offense and punishable. She got educated from her husband and spread the same. She took very hardship to run a foundation for widows and orphanage.

After the death of jyothirao phule her husband, she continued SATYA SODHAK SAMAJ founded by him, in serviing the plague deseased and become a victim of the same. She died on 10 th march in the yerar 1897.